Total Coach CCP: Guided Learning

Welcome to the OPEX CCP Guided Learning.  This course is designed to help you get even more information from the course.  We will present webinars that will help you get a better feel for the information that you are studying throughout the course.  Webinar recordings will be found on the specific course pages after each meeting.

Please remember that you can only take the guided learning courses 1 time.  Work hard, pay attention, practice this with your clients, and then pass your exam!

If at any time you need assistance, please either check the Information page or contact OPEX support staff at

We run a Guided Learning every month. These courses are only available when you have purchased the corresponding Level 1 course. 
Total Coach Bundles come with ALL 5 Guided Learning courses. 
Click here to purchase the course. If you have questions, please contact


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