OPT-In Episode 5

This episode offers a more detailed exploration into proper warm-up protocols for various training scenarios and conditions.
  1. How would you differentiate a warm-up for a strict weightlifting training session, as compared to a MAP, or higher intensity session?
  2. How important is thermoregulation with respect to warming up and how ambient temperature, geographical location can influence the significance of this part of the puzzle
  3. Are there other things in play to consider if thermoregulation is a challenge?
  4. Using the example of: Work up to a Max Snatch Double in 10min, how would the warm-up look, and more specific the progression be to properly prepare and maximize that part of the training session?
  5. What are some things to consider when it takes some people minutes to be ready to train, and others who feel they need an hour to get “Warmed Up?”
  6. How do the specific movements within a training session allow for more streamlined warm-up process vs. having to be more strategic with your time and intra session warm-up process?
  7. Changing the paradigm of a “Typical” 60min group training session for the purpose of optimizing the training goal for that day.


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