Total Coach CCP: Navigating the courses

This page includes screenshots that will help you to understand how to navigate the course more efficiently. Click on each thumbnail to enlarge the screenshot to full size. 

Each course is designed using the same format so that you can spend time focusing on the content. Please email support if you find something that is confusing or not working with the course.


Navigation buttons

Use these navigation buttons to easily move between the courses, to receive help or to access your profile page.


Course structure

Courses contain lessons. Within lessons are topics.


Completing lessons and topics

Use the Mark Complete buttons to move through lessons and topics.


Course home page

Access all of the course lessons from the course home page. Start where you left off during your last session.


Viewing lesson and topic titles

View the lesson topics by expanding the menu.


Lesson Topics

A lesson that includes several topics will display a menu with each topic listed and whether or not it has been completed (green) or not (gray).


Course navigation bar

Each course lesson and topic includes a navigation bar that includes links to the content associated with the course.


Print certificate when you pass an exam

Upon completion of an exam, you are given the opportunity to print your completion certificate (if you pass). You can also print your certificate from your profile page.


Profile page and certificate retrieval

Your profile page gives you a snapshot of where you are with each course. Expand the course to see your exam results and print your certificate.


Logging out

Log out of your session by hovering over your name at the top of the page.


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