may 11, 2012

Paleo Fx DVD set on sale now!
We also have new dates just set up for the 1st of the winter season athlete camps here in AZ (winter at that time is 100 deg F +) – get a great 2 days of testing and knowledge to get your stuff in order for the off season; and get your last piece of good Vit D before you hunker down for training in the winter!
Along side that and right after we have X-Select Weight Training again. Learn how to Rx movements of upper pushing and pulling to bending and squatting to single leg and core work – the pairings, the why, how, reasons, etc…behind them all.


  1. Christina

    Being from 4/3:

    A. Squat Clean – build to a tough single in a few sets – short rests
    B. AMRAP Squat Cleans in 5 min – 60% of part A
    C1. HSPU – amrap (-2); rest 10 sec
    C2. 10 toes to bar unbroken; rest 2 min x 4

    A. 135# (happy with this for tonight – 5# off pr…bw 125)
    B. 34 @ 80#
    C1&2. 7/7/6/5, TTB broken during the last set into 7/3

  2. Jesse@TCCF

    Being from yesterday

    10 rounds of:
    12 toes to bar
    12 burpees


    This was way harder than I thought it was gonna be. Couldn’t even string together any of the T2B. No rythem. My core felt like I had just started crossfit for the first time. Gonna chalk this one up to a bad day.

  3. Frida Köhler Jakobsson

    being from May 9

    A. Dead Lift – work up to a tough double in a few sets – NOT a 2RM
    (practice HSPU for speed in b/t sets)
    for time:
    21 Dead Lift – 185/135#
    9 HSPU
    18 Dead Lift – 185/135#
    9 HSPU
    15 Dead Lift – 185/135#
    9 HSPU
    12 Dead Lift – 185/135#
    9 HSPU
    9 Dead Lift – 185/135#

    A: 70-80-90 kg (not too tough, but I pulled a muscle in my back doing the last set,so I dind’t wanna go heavier)
    B: 10:20 subbed regular push ups for HSPU

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