Alactic/Lactic Power Training Q&A

A question we received on the forum recently from Billy:


I am playing coach of a local Aussie rules football side and I am looking for others thoughts on what would be the optimal approach for preseason training to enhance an alactic/lactate power etc energy systems. I have my own thoughts from the CCP level one. My aim is to get away from what has been traditional training which is based on what “everyone” else has done and is doing for the last 10years.


Background – We have 13 weeks from Mid Jan till first comp game, The players have completed a pre Christmas block of training based on aerobic power with map running sessions and sessions with other modalities.


Phase 1 – Post Christmas: Which is the stage we are in at the moment I have broken into 3 phases with the first a 3 week block with the aim to get there bodies used to football movements and skill level back e.g more lateral,bending kicking and handball all at lower intensities max 80% pre, with 20min of running on the Tuesday session, all ball work Thursday and running component sat with weights mon,we’d and for some Friday . (not all are doing a strength component but that will be changing this year.)


The team train as a group twice a week and one session on there own (fitness based so we can focus on skills,game style with a 20min running session at the start of one of the two nights). The sessions go for 1hr 15 – 1hr 30.


As we are doing quiet a bit of running with the footballs in drills at an aerobic level it says to me that doing map running now may be ok in this 3 weeks but after that I should move into lactate power? And closer to games alactic ?


Also in Aussie rules traditionally everyone’s runnning is made up of a majority of 3k time trials, 1ks, 800s and 400s but as it is predominantly a repeat sprint sport I.e gps data most distances depending on positions of course is 20-30m max speed, 30-50m 85-90% maybe there is a better way to get better at this type of running/system?


The more players that can make repeat efforts at higher intensity and recover quicker to me will translate to improved performance……along with 100 other parameters.


Any info or thoughts James or any one else would be appreciated.



Billy Neely





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