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“Having always kept an eye on the Big Dawg Blog, I returned there every so often KNOWING I wanted to learn from James and his team. I had a list of 5 year goals, and one of them was to be OPEX (OPT at the time) certified. I teased myself in 2012 by going to an athlete camp where James demonstrated his knowledge on Aerobic based training for mixed modalities. This was the tipping point.”

– Thomas Madden CCP Level 1 Coach

Learn From The Best

James Fitzgerald

  • – 2007 CrossFit Games Champion
  • – Founder of OPEX Fitness (formerly OPT)
  • – Mentor and coach to over 2,000 CCP graduates across the globe
  • – James and OPEX Coaches have written well over 1,000,000 customized fitness programs for their clients
  • – Chairman of United States Functional Fitness
  • – Keynote speaker at dozens of global coaching events such as the Eleiko Coaches Congress, PaleoFx, and Strength Matters Summits

5 Modules – To becoming a better coach

Learn at your own pace

You have 12 months to complete the CCP program and final project.
Each module flows to the next helping you to put the things you
learn to use straight away.


5 modules to becoming a better coach